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About KdzMx Photography

Darren Eremko captures thrills, spills and motocross excitement at its best. He is a motocross enthusiast, racer and parent. He is passionate about the sport and likes to promote it as much as he can. Whether you are looking for pictures from an event Darren has photographed or want a ‘one on one’ session, he would love to work with you.

Photography has been an interest of Darren’s for years but he did not pursue it until his father Ken Eremko started it as his hobby. They would often talk on the phone or during visits about photography, cameras, shooting techniques and view many photos of interest together. But Darren never really got involved in photography until his Dad got sick with cancer. Around that time Darren bought a camera to make a closer connection with his Dad, and that connection remains strong long after his passing. Every time Darren does a shoot he always thinks of what his Dad would have commented on, or would have suggested he try for next time. Even though Ken has passed away he still lives on in his son’s photography in one way or another.

Moving forward Darren has come to realize that as time passes it will become more difficult to continue racing motocross, but photography is a way that he can stay connected to the sport he loves and the people he enjoys being around. He also loves to hike in various terrains and hopes to one day collect a portfolio of landscapes just as exciting as his motocross shots.

Darren also really enjoys people and capturing their personality. Although he has focused mainly on photographing motocross he is always up for trying new things. So if you have a small group celebration Darren is up for capturing those moments with you and your loved ones.

Please check out Darren Eremko’s web site for up-coming events in Saskatchewan’s CMRC Series and the Rock Star Energy Drink Canadian Motocross Nationals. Darren also does some freelance work for Inside Moto-X and Off-Road Magazine so watch for those publications and subscribe if you like. Darren plans to attend most of the Saskatchewan CMRC series races and some of the National events. If you see him roaming around the track, say “Hi”.

So please look through his galleries and feel free to purchase anything that is available for sale. You may also contact Darren Eremko at KdzMx photography for a ‘one on one’ session, or a particular style of print you are interested in.

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